Best Companies to Intern With

The entire world has been continuously fighting against coronavirus and its impacts. Its effects on the economy, politics, and normalcy have been like no other. The virus has created a whole new chapter in our lives and we must acknowledge the new normal. While the first quarter of 2020 promised nothing but lay-offs, recession, and further travel bans, some businesses are actually thriving. 

What are the skills that are in-demand right now?

It’s better to have the mindset that we are never going back to what we perceived before as normal, at least for the near future. In staying positive, we should learn how to adjust and conform while taking extra precautions such as:

– Getting in the habit of paying with a credit or debit card, since it prevents COVID-19 transmission through touching cash

– Being careful with our lifestyle choices, including eating, exercising and resting accordingly

– Working from home when possible

While many are working from home, online freelancers are used to this sort of work. This job has been highly sought after following layoffs and working from home policies. Learning how to be a freelancer and find your writing niche or skill will benefit job seekers. 

If you prefer to work for a company rather than for yourself, completing an internship is a great way to get a job in your desired field. If you are driven to pave the way for your future amidst these difficult coronavirus limitations, start studying online, take extra units and courses, or simply take the first step of applying for an internship. Even during these strange times, there are still several companies offering internships.

Here are the best companies to do an internship within in 2020:


Ranking as the first for prestige for five years in a row, Google serves as the “Holy Grail of Internships” for its reputation of having a “cool culture”. While allowing its interns to get creative as much as possible, they also reward them with interesting projects on top of fun activities and a lot of bonding opportunities. It’s everybody’s dream to land an internship here because they grant interns the freedom to bring their own ideas to work. Google interns are provided with an apartment complex at Silicon Valley. They also get paid more than most of the full-time employees across America. The average Google intern makes $5,678/month or $68,136/year, according to Glassdoor.


Apple comes in second because of the position it holds in the world. From a prestigious company where its very product is innovation at work, there’s always an opportunity to be creative. As an intern, you get to represent not only the most impactful company in America but also be apart of its sleek-designed high-quality product innovation. 

NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration 

NASA consistently rates as one of the top available internships in the federal government. This is reflective of the pride that comes with the job. Overall, it’s an outstanding place to work at, with passionate and friendly people to work with. Here, you work on interesting and challenging jobs while in a comfortable and safe environment. It is so comfortable that once they offered $19,000 to 24 participants just to stay in bed for 2 months. That’s for experimental studies, however. The NASA internship pay is around $14.61/hour which is 13% above the country’s average rate. This is probably because it’s 80 times harder to get in NASA than to get into Harvard. For the Summer 2020 internship session, only virtual internships will be offered due to COVID-19.

There could be challenges here and there when trying to achieve your dreams, but there’s always a way to get there. You just have to start somewhere. Opportunities come to those who work hard.