The Female Beauty Entrepreneurs Shaping The Industry

beauty enrepreneur

Women have become leaders all around the world; in politics, sports, science and entrepreneurship. There are now many self-made women in all business-fields. Especially when it comes to the beauty sector (such as exclusive breast augmentation clinics), female entrepreneurs and their achievements have had a remarkable impact on the industry. Several beauty products have hit the market; however, some products stand out for being highly creative and unique for their purpose. Many ambitious women have made it in the beauty industry (especially muscle relaxants are popular in Australia), and some of them are winning awards and accolades for their revolutionary contribution to the beauty and wellness industry. 

Amanda E Johnson and KJ Miller, Co-Founders, 

Mented: Being passionate about their dream, Amanda Johnson and KJ Miller decided to create neutral shaded cosmetics for women with dark skin tones. Initially hesitant to fulfill their dreams as entrepreneurs, they climbed up the success ladder with a partnership and launched their brand in the year 2017. The promise they made to their customers was to deliver perfect nudes to women with darker skin. Their brand opposes animal testing and is free of paraben. They focus on everyday-cosmetics and both entrepreneurs believe that every woman deserves to feel and look beautiful, irrespective of their skin tone. As they are already aware of the hardships and financial difficulty of early-stage entrepreneurship, they are very passionate to help minorities and women who are ambitious to explore their entrepreneurial dreams.

Rea Ann Silva, Founder and CEO.
Beautyblender:  From being broke and unemployed, Rea Ann Silva has grown into a billion-dollar success. Never having dreamt of such a life path, Rea Ann Silva switched her career path from fashion design career to cosmetic and makeup. Having a 20 years experience as a makeup artist, Rea reaped success by hitting the market with her famous egg-shaped makeup sponge, The Beautyblender. Following this, she launched a 40-shade foundation series that included shades for every woman in the world – no matter their skin colour. Her experience as a makeup artist had given her a strong foundation that helped her design and sell her products. It’s been a huge success as the products connect with a large part of the female population.

Dr Barbara Sturm, Founder and CEO.
Molecular Cosmetics; Having started her medical career with a team of orthopedics, Dr Barbara Sturm was filled with ideas to create a product utilizing anti-inflammatory properties and it’s used in the skincare regimen. Her philosophy was based on non-surgical skin treatments to restore beauty, youthfulness and to race against aging. She started making customized patient-specific anti-aging plasma creams with the famous component “MC1”, discovered by her. Having found that this ingredient is effective in skin healing and anti-aging properties, Molecular Cosmetics had made it to the top for their innovative idea of using natural ingredients in skincare and for scientifically driven approach. They are known for their custom regimens for every skin type and is free of preservatives and artificial fragrances

Rose Marie Swift, Founder and President, RMS Beauty.
Having personally experienced the side effects of heavy toxic metal in beauty products, Rose Marie Swift decided to expose the truth behind the cosmetic industry in a website: With the experience of painting several famous celebrities as a makeup artist and being in this industry for 35 years, Rose decided to create truly clean beauty products for people. Having her products made from organic ingredients, RMS beauty revolutionized the beauty industry with several trusted customers. RMS beauty is making great names in Japan, and the green beauty brand is trending with people who are being conscious of choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Charlotte Tilbury, Founder, Chairman, President, and CCO.
Charlotte Tilbury: Having won more 250 awards, since its launch, this luxury British brand Charlotte Tilbury beauty ltd, has been a grand success. Charlotte Tilbury, the founder of the brand is from a family full of creativity. After being mentored into an inspirational makeup artist, Charlotte always wanted to empower women with the weapon of beauty. She also believes that she wants to give the best skincare, beauty and wellness products to her customers and give them a red-carpet experience. Her confidence and passion for makeup and creativity inspired her into success and her embarking journey is filled with her exploring new makeup formulas and beauty trends.