Do Real Estate Agents Need Coaching?

Does every real estate agent need a coach?

The answer to this question depends on your business goals. We could think of a goal in terms of your business plans in the next 1 to 5 years. Real estate agents visualizing greater levels of growth are those who answer in affirmation to this question.

For any real estate agent, having a coach helps you grow your business. In fact, evidence shows that real estate agents using the services of a business coach grow their businesses twice as much as those who do not choose to search for any professional help. Let’s assume you have sought the services of a business coach, what is the most common advise you would receive from a business coach?

1. Your client’s interest precedes yours

As a real estate agent, your interests should come second to those of your client. This implies avoiding a “must sell” approach. Instead, inform your clients about what best responds to their buying preferences and leave the final decisions to them. By so doing, you also meet your core concern; being a facilitator to the client’s satisfaction. Make sure the client’s are aware of what it is you can do for them, whether it is to help them with selling property privately or utilising the web to lead to online property sales.

2. Create value to build trust

This tip builds on the previous, if your priority is the client’s interest, then you want to build value by creating a sense of trust among clients. The clients perceive your genuineness and trust your advice. You are not just another marketing agent. Building trust comes with being the first name on people’s lips when others ask them about reliable agents.

3. Couple integrity with diligence

Integrity is described in the previous point. You could think of it as the honour which comes with being true to your client’s interest. Pairing integrity with hard work will build your reputation, the greatest asset in business. If your client entrusts you with the details for their dream home, commit to it and deliver their dream promptly.

4. Be an expert

In the real estate context, an expert is the person who offers variety when asked about options. You will lose your client’s trust if you push them to a deal you are desperate to close. Instead, placing multiple option on the table tells them you are looking after their interest and want them to get the best of many options.

5. Believe in yourself

Today’s world belongs to those who know they can. Any client will forego the advice and service of an agent who’s not sure about their ability. Instead, showing confidence in your expertise tells the clients they can trust your service and expect the best outcome in their search.

6. Sell your brand

The most efficient way in selling your brand is telling about it using a variety of means. This may mean advertising. But in relation to your immediate clients, it means keeping consistent communication. Ask if your client is still interested in a deal previously discussed, tell them about a better offer that has come up, and after a purchase, inquire about their satisfaction with the sale.

Above all

Be and effective listener. You will only deliver according to the clients expectations if you listen to their prospects. Each one of your clients’ words helps you build a complete image of what they are looking for and consequently responding with precision.