Having A Green Corporate Event

Green is on everybody’s lips nowadays — not the colour, but the idea.

Special occasions are about creating the chance for magic to happen. We know that it’s not the money invested, but instead of the idea being put into it, making a party unique and creates lasting memories. As you start to make plans for a forthcoming company purpose and the workplace design, gala social event or seminar, begin thinking early about how to make topics and get ideas that will put your event apart.

Not only is it important to get the furniture and accent pieces for your place and decorating that fancy curved wall, locating good consultants with the knowledge and skills that will assist you to save resources — both bucks and resources such as energy, water, and construction materials, is equally important.

In any case, however, being green starts with yourself. In terms of organizing your corporate event, going green shouldn’t be more than an afterthought. Whether you are organizing a little meetup, a trade show, or a conference at local bars, office space or even formal venues in Melbourne, starting from the interior design to the outdoor architectural cladding, you want to be conscious of the impact that your occasion is having on the environment.

For an event organizer, this could possibly be the very last thing that you wish to enhance your ever-growing to-do record, but the advantages of hosting an eco-friendly occasion might just outweigh the costs. Saving the world apart, being green may also do wonders for your own brand.

Showing that your seminar is sustainable is becoming more and more important in regards to earning more bids, bringing new patrons, and maintaining the happiness of your attendees.

Hosting a green corporate event does not need to be hard or expensive! You could always consult with a good interior design company. However, here are some practical suggestions to get you started on the road to sustainability:

Go Paperless

Traditionally events depended a great deal on paper materials; invitations, event brochures, flyers, programs, signage — the list continues. The troubling truth is the majority of the paper will be thrown and we have very little control over whether it’s going to be binned responsibly. So what is the solution?

Avoid using paper products and save a few trees:

  • Produce an event online site or program
  • Market your event via email and social media marketing
  • Send the latest information or updates digitally

These methods can help you communicate and market your event more efficiently, all the while lowering your paper usage. If you have to utilise paper products, keep it to a minimum and try to elect for products that have been recycled.

Office discussion

Just like how you would choose green office leasing properties for your office to help you to support your cause, employing green event-planning organisations to advertise and manage your occasion is a simple way to decrease waste. It is possible to quickly make an event webpage and send invitations electronically using online resources. Attendees can then download the tickets or other promotional materials directly into their cellphone. On the day of the event, you can just scan the QR code to record in attendees. No paper needed!

An insider who organises events for female entrepreneurs as part of the Women’s Inspire Network states that the community aims to digitise their processes.

In the community, as it has been said, the attendees are encouraged to utilize social media prior to, during, and after our event. In reality, they sell all their tickets via social networking and using online ticketing programs. This particular community does not promote directly on social networking programs, preferring websites and adding value through their societal networking articles, blog articles and video to advertise the events.

The network is online-based with weekly online tutorials so that it’s already a massive part of that which they encourage. They utilize sites like Tweetbeam.com during the event to encourage audience involvement and Feedalpha.com to program the tweets beforehand.

Decide On A Venue Which Cares

Where you host your event is just one of the largest choices you can make in regards to going green. Picking a place which cares about the environment, can play a huge role in lowering your carbon footprint. In Melbourne alone, there are a lot of corporate event venues that would support your cause. Here are a few of the factors to think about:

  • Power and water use
  • Waste control
  • Accessibility to renewable materials and caterers

Obviously, nearly all carbon emissions are created prior to your attendees step foot in your own event. Within our 2018 Pulse Report, 40 per cent of event organisers cited transportation links as really important when deciding on a venue. Two-way transportation around the event place may lead the emissions to skyrocket, therefore the location ought to be an integral element when choosing a venue. If you would like to proceed the eco-friendly path, select a venue that is easy to get by public transportation. Alternatively, you could choose from the several transportation options that use clean energy to power its vehicles.

Transport to and from your event location can cause emissions to skyrocket, so location should be a key factor when selecting a venue.

By choosing a place with a tall certificate in sustainability, you may be certain that the effect of the event is going to be decreased.

Do Not Eat Into The Earth

Feeding your attendees is a sure-fire way to keep them happy, but it might not have the exact identical influence on the surroundings. Food waste, packaging, plastic bottles, along with the mileage clocked up to transfer the products around the world all take their toll on the planet.

Deciding on a green place should resolve a good deal of these problems, but if you are worried that standards are not up to scratch, then here are a few tips to eliminate the waste:

  • Source locally
  • Engage sustainable providers, such as those that provide their own renewable energy
  • Use reusable tableware whenever possible (biodegradable in the least)
  • Supply filtered water in glasses rather than plastic bottles
  • Be realistic about the Number of attendees and do not over-cater

These are simple steps that can satisfy the desire and the green hearts of the supporters!

Communicate your vision

Participation should lie in the centre of every sustainable occasion. It is vital to notify and involve patrons, providers, and attendees alike. Communicating your vision for sustainability and inviting attendees to join you at the cause won’t just reduce the carbon footprint of your own corporate event, it will also enhance your brand image. For example, if you are a property management company, let your audience know about the steps that your company have taken to make the buildings that you manage more environmentally friendly, or what approaches you have implemented in your own company. Growing over the hearts of your green-leaning guests, patrons and providers can assist you to build loyalty, confidence, secure multiple sponsorships and brand presence.

With just a little thought, it is simple to minimise the environmental impacts of your corporate event. And a number of these ideas really bring additional benefits for you and your visitors. By opting to go green, you are not only lowering your impact on the environment, you are also setting your brand up as a winner in sustainability.