Popular venues for gym events

Community fitness event

Are gym events worth it?

Yes, they are. Hosting a gym event is a way to get your name out there in the community. More often than not, fitness industry marketeers will substantiate how these types of events are the best way of marketing rather than the digital forms of advertising and content marketing.  People like to meet the face behind the name to ensure you are there to answer any questions that may arise.

Types of gym events that are held at different venues

  • Social dinner
  • Training for a local event
  • Community seminars
  • In house workshops
  • Courses
  • Client appreciation day
  • Fundraising
  • Fitness retreats
  • Training sessions

Client appreciation day is a fantastic way to let the customers know you think of them as individuals and are pleased they are giving you their loyalty. Rewarding these customers will help to keep them with you for a long time.  Social dinners at your local restaurant work well when it comes to getting the customers together for a big thank you.

Now it is time to put your ideas into the big event. You need to be clear about what your goal for the gym event is and ensure you are well organised as you will be busy on the day. Making a checklist can help with this and assign certain jobs to family and friends who offer to help. People are impressed by small things so personally take some refreshments around and introduce yourself to each and every person.

Offer some gifts and giveaways to people that have your brand and logo on it which will help with advertisements. Some ideas are water bottles, Canvas bags, badges and pens. You don’t want to have empty seats at your event, so you need to make sure that you have a good plan in place. It can help to go over your plan and the venue with others to get their opinion.

  • Basketball stadium
  • Football ground
  • School ovals
  • Large halls
  • Conference rooms 
  • Local parks and lakes

You can hire out your local gym if you don’t have the room. You may find the gym owner is happy to let you rent the place out for a gym event as it will give them some promotional value as well as supplying you with a solid, big enough area to host the event.

As this has become the generation of fitness and wellbeing, marketing of a gym event makes it even more progressive in the eyes of your potential customers. Marketing your amenities and functions will further make your end service stand out from those of others. Moreover, finding the right location for your event defines what you stand for and what you wish to provide for your customer base. Competitors in the market are multiplying. Hence marketing innovations such as creative events helps you get an edge over others in the fitness industry. 

Check around your local area anywhere can be somewhere to host a gym event and acquire good leads in the process. Even if someone you know has a large block of land, it may be perfect for gym events if it is more a social event and you don’t need to incur any transportation or additional installation charges that may come with long distances. 
You will need to check the local laws surrounding the use of certain land and places for your gym event. Some place may require you to purchase a permit and take out private insurance in case of any injury or harm to people. There may be some fees involved but they are often quite budget friendly. The most important part of your gym event is the venue so ensure you make it a spot to remember and double check the area is big enough to host your event.