Pros and Cons of Online Leadership Courses

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It is extremely common for companies and multinational corporations to send their employees to attend internship training offline sessions. Still, they might not always be accessible and convenient according to the requirement of the company. The solution for this issue is to offer them online courses in leadership, but it remains to be seen if the investment in it is worth it or not.

In this article, the pros and cons and success of online leadership courses are reviewed, and from that, you can decide if it is worth your money and time.

Advantages of Online Leadership Classes

It doesn’t require travelling

Due to this advantage, you are free to choose the program that is best for your employees rather than compromise with the one nearest to you. Through online learning, dare to lead programs can be provided from the best institutions in the world, and it also saves money on the company’s end for travelling for employees.

Low Cost

Often the online leadership courses have lesser fees than the offline ones, and this can save costs for the company. Also, at a live workshop, there could be additional expenses such as travel, car rental, gas, food, parking, residence, etc.). So, ensure that you are well aware of all the costs involved before making any serious decisions and then getting stuck.

Fit Your Employees’ Schedules

The online leadership courses are typically on the go. That is, the employees can take their tests, read the materials and watch the training videos while they are in their homes, undertaking another activity or during the training time provided by the office. If the employee is already good at something, they can navigate to the part of the training they need expertise more critically. This also saves time and effort for them.

Disadvantages of Online Leadership Classes

Lack of Immediate Contact with Instructors

Interaction with live trainers is critical for any form of learning, and the same applies to leadership training as well. Due to this, the participants can get immediate answers to their doubts which also lessens the delay and frustration. Also, the students will require feedbacks quickly and dynamically while they try out specific leadership strategies that require more considerable skill. Most of the online courses available provide feedback after an inevitable delay, and some of them even do not.

Challenges with Completion

During live workshops, typically, the participants are urged to take part in exercises and mini-competitions so that they get a practical outlook on the knowledge obtained. On the other hand, in the online courses, the modules are usually covered at a brisk pace, and due to this, some employees may fall behind without knowing how to cover up with the rest.

Little Customisation Available

Some of the offline courses can be customised for a specific company or for that industry in which the company operates. They can use the examples which are particular for the company or the job title. On the other hand, the online leadership courses are usually general so that the relatability factor might be less in some cases.

Should you go for online leadership courses?

Depending on the company, the budget, and the amount of training required, you can decide if the advantages associated with the online courses outweigh its cons.

The online method, despite the disadvantages, has significant pros. The cons can be covered up to some extent if the course has chosen a world-class one, and the instructor is trained and well established in leadership training.