Saving Money Through Your Water Bill

If you have leaking taps or a blocked drain, you should definitely get onto fixing them as soon as possible. Most times it is just the case of replacing the washers on the taps which are easy to do and don’t require a professional plumber, however in some instances you will definitely need to call a blocked drain plumber to clear any sort of obstruction in your drain. It is best to assess the problem immediately to avoid water stagnation or any contamination to your supply. Even though the tap may just be a slow drip overtime this can add up to quite a significant amount on your next water bill.

Using smart devices

There are devices on the market that can help you save money on your water bill. One really good upgrade is installing a water saving shower head, these can cut your water consumption during any of your showers down to half. When it comes time to replace your washing machine or your dishwasher ensure you buy one that is water efficient and allows you to re-use the water, if that is something you desire.

Reduce your shower time

Go to your local store and grab yourself a timer. Have a normal shower and see how long you are in the shower for and how long you have had the water running for. Use a timer and aim to reduce the time spent in the shower to try and save water so you can lower you overall water bill.

Reuse water where you can

This may seem a little dramatic for some but if you can re-use water then why not. You can redirect the water that is used by your washing machine with a pipe running out to water your lawn. Instead of sending it flowing down the drain why not use it again to keep your grass green. Save the water you cook your vegetables in to water your plants or freeze to later make stock with it

Using the dishwasher

You can use less hot water by only putting your dishwasher on when it is full of dishes and run on economy cycles which use less hot water. Wipe over dishes when they warm with a napkin to remove debris before placing in the dishwasher this will ensure they are clean from only using the economy wash cycle.

Watering the garden and lawn

Consider watering the garden and lawn by hand. We use less water when watering by hand. A lot of water is wasted if you forget to turn the sprinkler off after it has been running for ages in the one spot. If you must use a sprinkler get one installed with a timer so it will automatically turn off if you forget about it. If you have just a normal sprinkler without a timer perhaps set an alarm to remind you to turn it off. Ensure the whole sprinkler is on the grass, you are simply wasting water if you are watering the concrete or driveway.

Using tank water

Some people don’t like to drink tank water but it can be very beneficial to the garden instead of letting it run off the roof onto the ground install some decent gutter and a small tank where you can store water for the grass and garden when it needs it.

There are so many ways to save money on your water bill just by using some good old tips at home like turning water off when you aren’t using it, have quicker showers and install water saving appliances.