Month: October 2019

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All Things Real Estate

How to be a buyer’s advocate in the real estate market?

Formally speaking, a buyer’s or tenant’s advocate is responsible for submitting and negotiating offers on behalf of the buyer and navigating the due diligence and closing process. Now I see the general assumption is of a seller’s agent and not of a buyer, but that’s where one could be fooled. Just like any seller, a […]

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dare to lead

Pros and Cons of Online Leadership Courses

It is extremely common for companies and multinational corporations to send their employees to attend internship training offline sessions. Still, they might not always be accessible and convenient according to the requirement of the company. The solution for this issue is to offer them online courses in leadership, but it remains to be seen if […]

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teddy bear, injured, bandages

Jobs You Can Work if You Have an Injury

Depending on the extent or severity of the injury you have, or if whether you were injured from work or not, being injured is all about getting limited to your usual capacity to perform your daily activities, specifically, your job. It also could be an umbrella term for both physical harms you’ve come across and/or […]

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